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Steve Noonan: Photos


Recorded at Steve's studio 40 years after Elektra deal
Sneak Peek  Release Date Oct 2010    photo by SherryRyanBarnett
The Original Elektra Album - now Available on CD w/ BonusTracks see the "BUY" page

live performances

Coffee Gallery Back Stage - 2009  photo by SherryRyanBarnett
GoldenBearReunion  2009
CrossRoads Cafe - Brussels, Belgium
w/ Jimmy Fadden & John Mc Euen of TheDirtBand
GoldenBearReunion 2009
GoldenBearReunion - that's HoytAxton's Painting in back

Guitars I Play

My Ayers MSR - see more at  photo by Jane Rohling
the Ayers MSR again - ALL SOLID WOODS (Rosewood, Spruce, Mahogany, Ebony) 100% HAND MADE details:
the Ayers MSR again - Hand Made in Vietnam - beautiful ! see more at  photo by Jane Rohling
The BEST Folding Guitar in the World - this one's a VAD-06 -  see more at
My 1st Touring (FOLD-UP) VoyageAir - I carried it (Folded in it's BACKPACK) all over Netherlands, Belgium & France for my 2009 EURO Tour - no more suurprizes at BaggageClaim - whether in the EU, PacNorthWest or LA - Trains, Boats, Planes - No Problems
Another Voyage Air FOLDING GUITAR - VAD-2 - Details at
my trusty '56 Martin D-18 - had it since the sixties - GoldenBearReunion
Years ago in SanLuisObispo I was back stage tuning - in walks Doc & Merle Watson (headliners). From way 'cross the room, Doc yells "Hey Buddy -What Year is yer D-18 1956?" -" '57" I said Amazed - he's Blind, but he hears REAL GOOD!
the Martin again - at Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton Ca - circa 1978
and my newest Ayers - for a different voice while recording - more info:

Just Hangin' Out

at Greg's Project Studio -  Los Angeles Ca
with Greg's old National
w/ Greg's 40's Gibson
me & Greg at his writing studio - we may look a little older - but we still rock like kids
at Greg's Studio
hummmm - w/ GregCopeland's old National
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